Apple iPhone 11 review

The Apple iPhone 11 is the cheapest of the three new iPhones but does that mean you are giving up a lot? Our full video review will highlight the tradeoffs in build and screen quality but you will also see that the battery life, performance, and camera image quality are all top-notch. Stick around till the end to see whether the iPhone 11 wil get our recommendation.
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▶ Track info: Such a fine day by Guy Trevino and Mr Rhodes Swing by Andreas Boldt
▶ If you want to know more about our host Will, check out his video episode in our Meet The Team series.


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23 Replies to “Apple iPhone 11 review”

  1. I'm gonna get this phone just to show off purposes.. If i want to get a features and specs, I would get others..

  2. i love my iphone X. I'm not sure if I should upgrade to iphone 11 or 11 pro. I'm more of a light user – not really into gaming much. I just want it to be easy on the hand to use.

  3. What is this Chicano talking about or whatever the hell he is this is the best camera available in the world right now on a smart phone and he sits there and runs it in the ground what’s the suits problem it takes the clearest most beautiful images. And I’m not an iPhone lover this is my first one I still have an S 10 LGG8 they take great pictures but this destroys both of them I don’t know what this Indian looking Mexican whatever he is talking about

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