Anycubic Photon, Metal Casting and Jewellery

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My first experience with a 3D resin printer. The prints are outstanding.
There are plenty of unboxing videos out there, I wanted to show some practical uses for a resin print.
The video shows a pattern for casting a metal flywheel. It is very smooth, needed no filling or painting and made a great casting.
I did not find the resin messy to handle, don’t be put off by comments like this.
More details of my experience at
Bear Brooksbank Bespoke and Vintage Jewellery
Vat cover
Eiffel tower
The Sorceress


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47 Replies to “Anycubic Photon, Metal Casting and Jewellery”

  1. has anyone tried lost wax casting with just the standard resin, not the castible resin, if so what are your findings does it melt out?

  2. I just purchased my Photon with your Code, I ordered it with extra resin+fep but all Ibhave is 250ml. Can anyone say what they got in the cheaper order?

  3. Did you see this metal 3D printer for $6000 ? It looks insane, and doesn't need sintering so parts don't shrink.

  4. Any chance you can do a lost wax casting with a wax resin? I love my photon and I want to try my hand at some investment grade casts one day.

  5. Been wanting a Elegoo Mars but they are always sold out, now Anycubic has a sale on + your coupon… if I can just confirm I wont get dinged with an import fee I will pull the trigger.

  6. Great review, thank you. A couple of questions if I may, please? Firstly how strong is the cured resin? I.e is it stronger or weaker than the equivalent filament printed item? Secondly did you print the holes for the extraction screws on your pattern or drill them afterwards? Finally knowing your ability to improve and modify, how viable is it to increase the build volume by say, increasing the Z travel?

  7. Nobody else has seemed to ask So I will.
    How many prints can you get from a bottle of the resin.
    Yes I know I'm asking how long is a piece of string.
    What I basically want to know is how does the cost of the resin compare to the rolls of filament used in extruder type machines.
    Cheers Eric

  8. 0:33 Pay attention! Those guys at CSI from a reflected picture like that are able to re-create a full-color full-hd photo, and then you won't be the Stig of Metal Casting anymore 😉

  9. Very nice. The smoothness of the subject is amazing. I've seen these before, so maybe I can snag one in the future. Following your setup guide on the Ender allowed me to make very nice prints right out of the box, so I'm taking this recommendation seriously as well. Thanks for the long form review.

  10. The quality looks a lot better. In comparison to a lesser quality standard PLA machine (where a 1kg roll might be $20-30), how long does 1 bottle of resin last or what is the grams output per bottle? It looks like these bottles can be $30-60 per depending.

  11. Correction. Printing volume : 115mm *65mm *155mm .

    That is really cool, your really getting into the high resolution in printing now. I myself have two Peopoly Moai 130.

    Great job. Keep up the good work.

  12. How much wast is there in using a 1L (~$50) resin?
    Is this not double the price of FDM filaments?
    If there is no loss and every drop can be used, I can see it being the same cost as FDM. Since a lot of filament is used up as waste.
    The machine also look very cheaply made out of the thinnest sheet metal. Not sure how long this printer will work, before falling apart?!
    There are no real loads, but still, you bump the case and it might go out of square?!
    I truly hope it's as good as you show it to be. Without software bugs, or other nasties present in every V 1.0 of any product.

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