Animation – Motion path in PowerPoint

Spinning effect: 3:32

Today we show you some animation tricks in PowerPoint.
The hole animation was made in PowerPoint, e.g. moving background, rotations, transitions and very important motion path. In this Video we will focus on motion path.

You can find some files e.g. the rocket to download for your PowerPoint under below link:


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14 Replies to “Animation – Motion path in PowerPoint”

  1. @Level up! PowerPoint thank you so much for your help. I just have one more question.
    I've made an animated PPT but I want to save it as a video, so when I click on export to video option, it says failed to setup supporter for video export . Can you help me out with this please?

  2. @Level up! PowerPoint Please please tell me how do you keep the nose or head of the rocket up straight while its moving along a certain motion path. When I try a motion path over an object, say a rocket, the whole body of the rocket moves along it, while being upright….
    Please help

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