Advanced Excel – VLOOKUP Basics 2017 Tutorial

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In this advanced Excel tutorial you’ll learn how to get started using the VLOOKUP function in Excel. VLOOKUP can help you pull specific information from a spreadsheet based upon a piece of information that you know, for example a part number, title, name, etc. Here’s an example file to go with the video:

The video mentions a great book called A Wrinkle in Time, and if you’re interested in learning more about it, click the link below:

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44 Replies to “Advanced Excel – VLOOKUP Basics 2017 Tutorial”

  1. Excellent explanation. I appreciate your passion of teaching. Thank you very much for providing such helpful videos.

  2. Had you done a cut and paste rather than a copy when you realigned the vlookup, everything would have worked out without any need for editing. That is almost always the appropriate method in these situations.

  3. Why can't you just use find and it will go to the item and then you see what all is there?
    I'm going to need a much more advanced spreadsheet example to understand how this is useful.

  4. Thanks, great and detailed explanation. I found the formula on the web and used it few times, but not going deep in to details.

  5. your excel videos are so helpful!!! learnt way more in a few videos as compared to attending an excel course over 3 days lol

  6. Ok If, I just do the IF part, would it say pass in the lines that just passed test and leave the others blank. Or would I have too do the THEN part with a blank or space between the " " .. ??

  7. I knew how to do v-lookup but wasn't sure of its actual value because you can always just use control f or just copy two columns next to each other instead, but the way you used a new reference cell that you can change at any moment made it clear that v-lookup is useful. Thank you so much

  8. Great video but this could have been so much shorter if you had skipped over the basics, in an advanced tutorial. Regardless, thank you for the post!

  9. seriously?…they take so long to go over this in undergraduate, and you explained it in less than 12 min… and i can even double the speed on this. smh thank you <3 sub'd

  10. Just show me how to use it no one cares about your personal feel or opinion just do what you say you're going to do

  11. I got a quick question, if you use the search bar, couldn't you just already type in the name of the film there and then look over on that row to see its rating?

  12. Can you apply a data restriction the search field as well, so that it forces users to type the title correctly?

  13. Thank you so much! Your explanation that the Column Index Number is contextual and not the actual column number (A=1, B=2 etc) was what not many other tutorials covered & exactly why my formula kept failing

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