Abbey Reviews The Unnatural Vegan What I Eat in a Day

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** CORRECTION ** Her dinner did not contain 3g of carbs, instead it contained around 88g carbs.
In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, Abbey is doing another review of a YouTuber’s What I Eat in a Day. Abbey has gotten so many requests and one that has come up quite a lot is The Unnatural Vegan. Abbey has watched a bunch of her videos and it has felt like a breath of fresh air amidst all of the Freelee drama. Stay tuned because Abbey has some controversial Freelee information coming up on the channel soon. Abbey loves Unnatural Vegan because she doesn’t claim to be a registered dietitian or nutritionist and even says that in her videos and points people towards really great resources.
Breakfast (1:13)
Abbey loves a good oatmeal bowl in the morning and a great way to start the day. Energizing carbs, fibre, healthy fats. She also gives some great fast meal hacks and Abbey appreciates that.
Lunch (1:55)
Abbey loves the simple salad. It’s got vegetables, protein, carbs and fat. Abbey likes that she is keeping it simple and the reality is that’s the way most of us eat.
Snack (2:58)
Abbey loves this easy peasy snack. The snack has got the hunger crushing combination of fibre, protein and fats.
3:37 sound cuts out for two seconds
Dinner (3:48)
Abbey is obsessed with crispy chickpeas. It looks like a balanced vegan meal. She’s got vegetables, whole grains, fat from the vinaigrette and protein from the chickpeas. Abbey is digging her style when it comes to meal preparation. It seems really easy, doable and accessible.
Abbey loves that she’s making it so easy for people to make it their own. She provides a bit of a formula and then you decide what foods you’d like.
Snack (6:06)
Abbey loves pineapple and it can be used in so many ways. If she wanted to bulk that up and add some protein or fat like with yogurt, that would be a great way to make more satiating.
Supplements (6:47)
Abbey really loves that she puts on the screen that she is taking supplements. This is stuff that a lot of vegan you tubers don’t talk about and Abbey thinks that can be unclear to some people starting a vegan diet.
Here’s what Abbey likes about the Unnatural Vegan
It’s Accessible (7:30)
A lot of vegan you tubers out there create recipes that are so elaborate and are huge portion sizes. All of the unnatural vegan recipes are simple, accessible and doable.
2. Practices Intuitive Eating (8:09)
Abbey feels like she is a very normal intuitive eating. She’s the first to admit that some days are not perfect healthy eating days and that is okay.
3. (8:41) No Bull Shit claims
She doesn’t claim that eating her way will lead to weight loss, clear your skin. She doesn’t push any expensive vegan products and is the first to encourage her followers to seek out credible nutrition professionals.
Let’s Look at the Nutritional Breakdown
Taking into consideration her calories and macronutrient distribution Abbey would say she’s got a really well balanced diet and in conjuction with her supplements she is getting a healthy vegan diet.
Abbey hopes you enjoyed this episode of What I Eat in a Day review of the Unnatural Vegan. Leave Abbey a comment of a YouTuber you’d like Abbey to review!
For more tips on staying healthy, recipes, dieting, and information fit for consumption by foodies everywhere stop by Abbey’s blog.


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24 Replies to “Abbey Reviews The Unnatural Vegan What I Eat in a Day”

  1. Where are the carbs from her salad? I'm probably just forgetting.
    I love my yogurt, but it's more a snack desserty thing. Five grams of protein. Now I want to roast some chickpeas!

  2. I think one really important thing to notice about her is that she’s never really overly focusing on the “healthiness” of the food but rather that it’s really tasty and things she likes and takes pleasure in eating

  3. I watch like all her videos and I love her evidence based approach to just about everything. She's not like far too many vegans on YouTube where they pretend to know everything and dole out advice about subjects they know NOTHING about

  4. I really like UV, she is super sharp and well read! Having said that, I do notice she seems a little fat phobic but I think that stems from her disordered eating.

  5. The reason UV gets so much hate is because she isn't actually vegan; she eats a plant-based diet. Her defense of Kalel made it very clear that she consumes and buys animals products in her every day life.

    The reason non-vegans like her is because she makes them feel less guilty.

    She should change the name of her channel.

  6. I love un natural vegan!!! She makes veganism sustainable and real. And she’s 100% honest about not being a doctor or dietician. She just says what’s been helpful and healthy for her and that’s awesome. She’s super inspiring with her meals

  7. I think a huge bonus to the recipes were she wasn't using fake meat in every meal. She was getting most of her protein from whole foods and it was so realistic. Those fake meats can be so expensive and hard to find, I know where I live I would have to drive 45 minutes minimum to get fake meat.
    She's so good for the vegan community on social media, so much better than Freelee.

  8. I watched her Gabbie Hanna diet review and I wasn’t a fan. It seemed soooo incredibly nitpicky and judgmental- I really felt like she was trying to diagnose Gabbie with an eating disorder bc she said she tracks her calories in an app (the app was a sponser for the video btw) to make sure she was eating ENOUGH calories instead of too little. I thought she was being kind of extreme and I really didn’t enjoy the video. I am newly subscribed to unnatural vegan and I was shocked to see her video ‘responding’ to this was positive. I figured I would come give it look and I was pleasantly surprised to see that this video was entirely positive. It was a nice change from the (comparatively) completely negative video about Gabbie’s diet.

  9. I love the Unnatural Vegan! While I’m not vegan, I’ve got a pretty serious iron deficiency that I’ve been trying to correct for a while now and while already struggling on a regular diet I’m not ready to make the jump, she’s encouraged me to 100% reduce my animal product consumption. I like that she’s honest and non restrictive, because so many vegan or vegetarian influencers seem to have such unhealthy diets! I love her.

  10. I just love your hair so much it’s so pretty! Also, I love the way you explain things so that they aren’t mind numbing for someone who knows more about food and diet, but is also easy to digest (pun intended) for someone looking to learn!!!

  11. I love her channel. I'm vegetarian but try to eat vegan 1/2 of the week. Unnatural vegan is so down to earth and real. I don't feel judged while watching her she doesn't preach to her subscribers and tell us we aren't doing enough! She just helps people looking into veganism, vegetarianism, or just healthier eating in general!

  12. I love unnatural vegan she is the best. She is so encouraging and the reason I want to be vegan. I tried once and failed I wish I would of listened to her when I started.

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