6 OOTD and My Favorite Hanoi Street Foods | wenwen stokes

Hey guys!
I hope you guys don’t mind me combining 2 shorter videos into 1. I originally was just going to upload the outfit portion as its own video but 3 minutes just seemed too short! Plus, i know not all of you come onto my channel to learn about street food so in case anyones not interested, they can tune out after the outfits and whoever is interested to see the rest can continue so i’m not uploading a video on its own about street food, don’t think it would interest a lot of people but please do tell me if im wrong!
Hope you guys enjoy and find this helpful!
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  1. That’s coagulated pig blood, basically when they slaughter a pig, you hang them and let them drain so you can collect their blood. Like most blood, it becomes solid outside the body and there you have it

  2. You should wear more earrings you look stunning in them. My wife is from Vietnam! I love it there! The food is AMAZING! I’m a new subscriber and have been enjoying your content so far.

  3. The food looks so delicious! You are a pro crossing the street. You made me nervous using the Fendi denim bag, hopefully nothing dripped on it, lol. Love your style.

  4. Don't apologize for the background noise. I love it! It reminds me of my trip to Vietnam in 1995, when it was just opening up to tourists. What an amazing holiday! And Hanoi was such a fun city. The only place I loved more in Vietnam was Hoi An.

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