3 Replies to “[4K HDR] Philips OLED TV P5 Picture Engine comparison at IFA 2019”

  1. That was a very bad demo for Phillips to use. Most of the time the P5 tv looked away too processed with obvious ringing and overblown whites and that blue screen with the logo the blue looks much better on the non p5 tv than the p5 with a flatter, oversaturated hue.

  2. So what are your conclusions ??

    I saw,..

    at 0.40 minute : With the philips logo on,.. with the p5 different blue colour ?

    at 0.47 minute : With P5 green water,.. without p5 little blueish water.. and more radioactieve green leaves on the trees in the background

    at 0.54 minute : The shades of the wooden blinds of the windows are really unnatural green shades with P5.. Like it's painted with neon-green paint..

    I read an review, which statet that teh personal setting of this p5 was very good.. But the vivid-mode with p5 on the more extreme setting was toooo much of colour..

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