$35 DIY PS4 Elite Controller! | Installation Guide & Review |

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Scuff is the most popular “pro” controller that one can buy, but it costs almost $200 if you get the fancy features added. Meet the $35 competitor that requires you to install it yourself and get some extra remappable buttons on the back! This thing is AWESOME.
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$35 DIY PS4 Elite Controller! | Installation Guide & Review |
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0 Replies to “$35 DIY PS4 Elite Controller! | Installation Guide & Review |”

  1. I'm looking at this since my strike pack disconnects. I have to unplug it, turn off my headset " PS platinum", turn it back on and then reconnect the controller to get back to playing. Takes about 10 seconds but that's all it takes to get you killed in a BR game. This has happened to me many times when playing. Tired of it so I'm looking for other alternatives. This looks very interesting but with my poor craftsman skills I'd probably fuck up and break something leaving me with a broken new controller. Any place that offers a service to do this for you? I'd rather ship my controller and pay to get it done right than to buy another scuf or another disconnecting strike pack.

  2. I have an issue with the kit where every button is able to be remapped besides the triangle button. The triangle button works by itself and every single button on the back works if remapped to other buttons unless its the triangle button. The triangle button will not remap for some reason. And another issue i have is the remap mode turning on by itself. My fingers are no where near the sensors when i play but yet the mode turns on by itself and I always have to turn it off in order for the back buttons to work again. If anyone can give some feedback on what is wrong it would be appreciated

  3. Its Kool but I would rather spend $40 on strike pack that you can just unplug from controller and can adjust trigger sensitivity in software. You have to deal with all them small wires when dual shock goes to shit 😂. No thanks. Nothing beats FPS Dominator strike pack for $40.

  4. I've never done anything close to this and you got me seriously thinking about giving it a shot lol. Pray for me if ur reading this 🙏

  5. My english isn't very good, so I have two questions. You said something about you dont wanna use the l3 and r3 button, and cut the wires then. What did you mean?
    And 2. When i bind a button, then i cant use the normal button? For example when i set jump (which was on x) to k2, then i cant use x again?

  6. Finally bought this mod and so far loving the look now I just gotta get used to it lol my fingers are so lost atm but awesome tutorial man I really appreciate the time you took to make this video !!!!

  7. I am considering purchasing this. The deal breaker would be if I can't use the PS4 charging dock. Does the new shell remove the feature?

  8. maybe just play claw. you said that they had to have a button on the back but they couldve been playing claw
    plus it costs no money apart from the controller

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