11 Replies to “2017 Constantine lighter movie size #2 review”

  1. the other guy scratch built the whole thing on his own and is really in good quality, but it costs extra more

  2. I just checked taobao site and it was 79 RMB around 11.5 USD. Good business 2000% Ahhhhh https://m.tb.cn/h.3vfJpz9?sm=470134

  3. Thank you for the warning. The pics on their site looked iffy, as if they were hiding the gaps in the lid. Yup, that's exactly what they were doing.
    I really want a thick beefy brass lighter.

  4. If you're Constantine lighters collector maybe this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYoZNR-jUrs will be interesting for you.

  5. Be careful that metal do not sound like brass, it doesn't have a bell sound. scratch to see if its brass before you mod. Here's  a pic of mine, the original before the movie. fully brass even a fully brass insert. no plating  https://www.yourprops.com/Constantine-lighter-movie-size-replica-movie-prop-Constantine-2005-YP809640.html

  6. Man u just get scamed… they 123constatine claim made this in us but buy them from china for 20 bucks and add some engraves to look more orginal… rip 200$
    Its cool af btw

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